Brand: Magazyn TF

Each set contains:

- a two-sided black&grey scarf with a graphic designed by Bianka Szlachta 

– an album about Polish female tattooers „TATTOOFEST 25 Polish Female Tattoo Artists”

The set it wrapped decoratively and ready to be given to someone dear. 

ABOUT THE SCARF: a two – sided, black&grey knitted product, decorated with an motif typical to the style of the tattooer Bianka Szlachta. Length 170 cm, made of 100% acrylic 

ABOUT THE ALBUM: We decided to print additional 100 copies of our album presemting the characters and works of 25 Polish female tattooers. It's the only chance for those who didn't purchase the book on time, because it is not available in regularr sell (can only be bought in a set).


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