About us

We have entered the tattooing sector in 2001 by opening a tattooing studio in Krakow. Subsequently, we have expanded our business by adding the organisation of an international tattooing festival, which is currently one of the major events of that type in Europe. We are also editors of a "TF” monthly, which has been coming out on a regular basis since 2007.

We came up with the idea of T-shirts with tattoo designs in 2009 and it was a natural consequence of our previous activities. Clothes signed with the TFB clothing logo reflect the talent and versatility of the artists who design them. We collaborate with the top tattoo artists from various parts of the world demonstrating the unique nature of their work and trends in contemporary tattoo art. We wish to give joy to the clients offering them a unique and exceptional product as behind every t-shirt there is a story and real people.

We launch at least 2 new designs on a monthly basis. The number of T-shirts with a given design is limited. Designs are printed by means of the manual screen printing technique, which guarantees high quality, and the semi-products we use are manufactured according to Fair Trade principles. In addition, the new collection signed with tag "TFB clothing - designed by tattoo artists" was entirely designed and made in Poland with the highest quality materials.

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